D. K. Wilde Engineering, Inc.
D. K. Wilde Engineering

D. K. Wilde Engineering is an Oregon Corporation, established in 1990 to host the consulting activities of Dr. Doran Wilde.   To contact Dr. Wilde for more information, please send email to:
D. K. Wilde Engineering, Inc.

Consulting activities

Expert witness
Dr. Wilde has expertise in the fields of digital integrated circuit design, microprocessors, field programmable logic arrays (FPGAs), embedded systems, and digital system design.

Dr. Wilde has rendered previous testimony in cases involving patent validity, patent infringement, copyright infringement for embedded microcode, and protected maskwork infringement.

Digital system engineer
Dr. Wilde has over 25 years of experience in the design of digital systems.  Most recently he has designed FPGA based embedded systems.


CV of Dr. Doran Wilde (PDF)