D. K. Wilde Engineering, Inc.
Disclosure of Previous Testimony
Previous Testimony

I provided written testimony in the arbitration proceedings before the honorable J. Barton Phelps, for the case of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Petitioner, vs. Intel Corporation, Respondent.  The arbitration was no. 626879, and was heard in the state of California. My verified opinion statement was dated February 20, 1991.

I provided an expert report dated April 12, 1996 in the United States District Court for the district of Utah central division for the civil case of Creative Digital, Inc., a Utah corporation, plaintiff, vs. Broadcast International, Inc., a Utah corporation, defendant (civil case no. 2:95CB 493J) presided over by the honorable Judge Bruce Jenkins.   I also gave deposition regarding my expert report on April 25, 1996.  Afterward, I twice appeared in court before Judge Jenkins in pretrial proceedings in which I presented my opinions and answered questions asked by the Judge.  The case was settled out of court and did not go to trial.

I provided expert reports in a patent validity case, Hitachi vs. TTI, and I gave deposition regarding those reports.   I testified and was cross-examined in the subsequent jury trial on October 23, 2003.

I was deposed March 16, 2004 as a fact witness in the civil case Hynix Semiconductor, Inc. et. al. vs. Rambus, Inc., case number CV 20905 RMW U.S.D.C. ND, California.