Leon Wilde's Genealogical Research Website

Last Update: July 1999

Thanks for dropping by!

This month I completed an extensive overhaul of my website. Even if you’ve visited before, it might be worth your while to take another look.

And I expect to continue to update this website regularly, so please come back often.

Since this is a work in progress, you'll find that many of the links will go to "placeholder" pages where I haven't yet filled in data. If you see one of these "placeholder" pages that you'd like me to complete sooner than later, just contact me and I'll see if I can move it ahead on my priority list.

On this website, I've posted the results of my research over the last several years in hopes that it will be of some help to others who may be working on the same lines.

I strongly believe that family researchers as a whole will reap the greatest benefit from freely sharing their data with each other. In this spirit, I'm offering this data freely, and expect that any who may make use of this data will in turn share it with others without regard for personal profit.

Since AOL limits me to 2MB, I've foregone fancy graphics in favor of cramming as much no-nonsense genealogical data into this space as possible.

I've included data on the following research projects:

   - The Dent Descendants of Capt John Dent (d 1712) of St Mary's Co Maryland

   - Southern Maryland Broadys and their Broady descendants

   - The Manning Descendants of Joseph Manning (d 1718/19) of Charles Co Maryland

   - Southern Maryland to Southern Virginia Migrations

My data is organized into three basic types of documents, all rendered in HTML format (click for a description):

   - Lineage charts

   - Chronological summaries

   - Narrative articles

If you have information that corrects or adds to the information on this website, I would appreciate knowing about it. Input from other researchers is vital to this website's success.

Email me at LEWilde76@aol.com