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Descendants of Capt. John Dent (d. 1712)
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Last Update: July 1999

I've designed this area of my website as a place to consolidate information about the Dent descendants of Capt John Dent. Information is organized around lineage charts, and additional information can be found in chronological summaries and narrative articles, which are linked to the lineage charts. See the lineage chart summary table to search for your Dent ancestor by location, or start with Capt. John Dent himself on the Cool Springs area, St Mary's County Maryland Dents lineage chart.

A few points about how I'm putting together this site:

Like most researchers working Maryland Dent lines, I'm building on the baseline Dent family research of Harry Wright Newman as first published in his Charles County Gentry, and then posthumously updated in The Maryland Dents. Mr Newman did his best research on the more prominent Thomas Dent (d 1676) branch of Southern Maryland, but he did provide valuable information about the Capt John Dent branch as well.

For most Dent families descending from Capt John, I've been able to make notable corrections or additions to Newman's information.

The narrative articles often attempt to clarify areas of confusion in Newman's books.

I've only included information here on Capt John Dent's descendants carrying on the Dent surname. For women who married, I include in the lineage charts the name of their husband(s) but not their children.

In order to make this effort manageable, in general I'm only including descendants born by the 1870's, along with any later children that may complete a family.

I've done separate lineage charts for most localities where there were significant concentrations of Dent descendants of Capt John prior to about 1880. Many additional localities are carried on lineage charts for earlier places of origination. These additional localities are listed in the right-hand column of the lineage chart summary table, next to the applicable originating locality in the left-hand column.

On a few occasions, Capt John Dent's Dent descendants lived in a locality with Dents from other branches. At this stage, however, I won't attempt to account for these other Dents on my lineage charts.

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