Family History - Simeon Adams Dunn: His Wives and Ancestors

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Family Information

Simeon Adams Dunn and his Families
Correspondance with Dunn and Silver families
Transcript and images of the family bible
Research of the Ancestry of Simeon Adams Dunn

Silver Family Records
Samuel Silver Vital Statistics  
Samuel Silver Revolutionary War Widow Pension Papers  
Manuscript, Part I (37 Mb)
Manuscript, Part II (16 Mb)
"History of the Silver, Copps, Duston Homestead of Hopkinton, N H and it People" written by Arthur E Silver and Authur S and Charlotte F Duston.
A history of the West Hopkinton farm homestead in New Hampshire that was pioneered by Samuel Silver in 1767.
The manuscript is arranged in two sections, Part I: The Silver Family Era, 1767-1837, and Part II: Covers the three succeeding ownerships that have endured-- the Copps family, the Duston family, and the Duston Cuntry Club.

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