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Hunsaker Family
The Hunsaker Family Website A website devoted to Abraham Hunsaker and relatives
Descendants of Andrew Hunsaker Descendants of Andrew Hunsaker, the son of John Hunsaker, who was the son of Hartmann Hunsaker
Tim's Genealogy Tim has a good collection of Hunsaker families in his file.
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Message Board 2
Hunsaker Message Boards
Hunsucker Genealogy - All Over the World A site to research the Hunsuckers of the World
Jonesboro Gazette Index to Obituaries and Death Notices in the Jonesboro Gazette 1858-1875 Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois Transcribed by: Darrel Dexter
Biery Family
Beery (Biere) Family Abraham's Ancestors
History of Biery/Beery Family by Ray Beery Broken Link. Hopefully Ray will put his site up again. It was very good.
History of Nicholas Biery Nice presentation of Bieri Family
Ancestry of Nicholas Bieri Biery Family in Europe
Luce Family
Luce Family Genealogy A nice site about the Luce Family by Connie D. Poole Hurley.
Historical Records of Tisbury, Massachusetts Site about West Tisbury (origins of the Luce family)
Broady Family
Broady Genealogy A nice site about the Broady Family.
Southern Maryland Broadys and their Broady descendants The definitive work by my brother, Leon. I taught him everything he knows.
General Pages
Bear River Cemetery Hunsaker burials
Mormon Battalion Abraham Hunsaker served in the Mormon Battalion
US Marriage Records Genealogy Marriage Records by State