Hunsaker Family Sources
Origin of Hunziker family in Switzerland A very nice Wikipedia artical on the origins of the Hunziker family in Switzerland
Origin of Hunziker family in Switzerland Discusses the origins of the Hunzikers of Moosleerau, Leimbach, Gontenschwil, by Peter Steiner
Abraham Hunsaker's Journal (27 Jun 1844) and (Death Entries) Pages from Abraham Hunsaker's Journal
Abraham Hunsaker Letter - 7 Sep 1884 Letter from Abraham Hunsaker to his brother Jacob T. Hunsaker
Abraham Hunsaker Letter - 26 Nov 1886 Letter from Abraham Hunsaker to his cousin Harrison
Abraham Hunsaker's Record Abraham Hunsaker's record of temple work done for his family from 1885-1888 with a few later additions by members of his family after his death.  The book measures about 9 inches in width and 11.5 inches in height and appears to be a type of ledger book.  Entries were made by hand.  Most of the writing is done by an unknown member of Abraham's family, and a smaller portion of the record is in Abraham's own handwriting.  These temple record books were printed and distributed by Deseret Press and church members were encouraged to use them to document the temple work that they performed.  (Scanned copies of this book are available to family members on request.)
Transcript of the above record (pdf document)
Alphabetized transcipt of the above record (pdf document)
John Luce Hunsaker ad An ad in the Corpus Christi newspaper for John L. Hunsaker's general store, 1860
Will of William Collings Will of William Collings

Gwen H. Haws, and Kenneth B. Hunsaker, History of Abraham Hunsaker and His Family.
2nd edition, Salt Lake City: Publishers, 2001.

NOTE: Copies of this book are available and may be obtained from:
Abraham Hunsaker Family Organization
Kenneth B. Hunsaker, President
545 E. 1000 N.
Logan, UT 84321

Q. Maurice Hunsaker, A History of the Hunsaker Family In Early America and Switzerland, Hunsaker Family Organization, 1993.
(Note: The book is out of print, and a scan of the book is available below. There are some paste in changes and some handwritten changes made to the book. These are updates from a errata issued by the author after the book was published.)
Preface and Table of Contents (5.7 MB pdf)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (16.1 MB pdf)
Chapter 2 - Europe (25.6 MB pdf)
Chapter 3 - Arrival in the New World (17.9 MB pdf)
Chapter 4 - Lancaster County Pennsylvania (13.1 pdf)
Chapter 5 - York County Pennsylvania (33.1 MB pdf)
Chapter 6 - Frederick County Maryland (7.3 MB pdf)
Chapter 7 - Fayette County Pennsylvania (16.1 MB pdf)
Chapter 8 - Muhlenberg County Kentucky (11.9 MB pdf)
Chapter 9 - Union County Illinois (17.2 MB pdf)
Chapter 10 - Adams County Illinois (8.5 MB pdf)
Epilogue and Biography of author (1.4 MB pdf)
Family Chart of Hunzicker Family in Aarau (2.5 MB jpg)

Robert Oehler, Die Hunziker von Aarau, Aarau 1962.
Die Hunziker Von Aarau, translated to English(10.4 MB)
(Note: contained in chapter 2 of A History of the Hunsaker Family in Early America and Switzerland above.)